Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Low Calorie Loves

New Calorie Loves
So I have a few new loves I discovered, so I thought I'd share! 

My newest low calorie friend is the GoPicnic ready to eat meals. 
Now the entire box of course is not low cal, but each individual snack ranges from 30-80 calories... :-) 
It is the perfect portion for those who like portioned prepackaged snacks but can not bare to consume an entire "100" calorie pack. Plus these snacks tend to be higher quality and higher in nutrition than the 100 calorie packs. 

My Favorite snacks within the GoPicnic meals are:

The Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese: 
The entire box is 330 calories

Broken down:

Turkey Peperoni Slices: 60 calories
Multiseed Crackers: 60 calories
Cheese Spread: 50 calories
Caramel Lollipop: 50 calories
Mixed fruit & nuts: 100 calories

So as you can see, you could get a few days worth of snacks out of one of these "meals." 

Another GoPicnic meal I like:

Turkey Stick & Crunch
The entire box is 300 calories. 

Broken down:

Turkey Jerky Stick: 35 calories (my favorite)
Popchips BBQ Flavor: 45 calories
Tutti Fruity Seed Blend: 70 calories
Peel A Part Fruit Leather Strip: 70 calories
Chocolate Rice Crisp Bar: 52 calories

So you get the idea by now. You can go to their website for more options and breakdowns on calories. GoPicnic.com

Moving onward, my other new low calorie loves...

Cherry & Almond
Whole Fruit & Nut Bar
130 calories

What I like about these is that they are a lower calorie Kindbar (which are usually 180-220 calories)

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Smoothies made with Splenda

Depending on what you order the smoothies range from 125-180 when made with splenda.
When I tell you, these smoothies are HUGE I am not exaggerating. They can easily last for 2 meals. 

My favorite Tropical Smoothies made with Splenda

Blue Lagoon- 135 calories
Blimey Limey- 159 calories
Sunrise Sunset- 145 calories
Rockin' Raspberry- 125 calories

can look up the calories of more of their awesome low calorie options here

Monday, December 30, 2013

Very low calorie snacks (100 or less)

Here I figured I would list some of my new favorite low calorie finds. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Pre-Packaged Snacks

These are good for on the go, or to have around the house when feeling "munchy."

  • Light Mini Baby Bell - 60 calories
  • Crunchy Rice Rollers- 45 calories
  • GoGo squeeze apple sauce- 60 calories
  • Pirates booty individual sized bags - 65 calories
  • Luna bar, mini s'mores - 70 calories 
  • Stretch island, fruit leather - 45 calories 
  • Del monte, no sugar added grapefruit cup- 80 calories
  • Kirkland signature freeze dried apple slices- 35 calories 
  • Low fat fudgesicle - 60 calories 
  • Seapoint Farms, Dried Edamame- 90 calories
  • 1/2 a garden lites veggie muffin - 60 calories
  • Fruit roll up - 60 calories

Foods With Prep

Carrots/celery with 2 Tbsps Tzatziki greek yogurt dipping sauce - 30-45 calories
- cut 1 carrot and 1 celery stalk into small pieces, dip into sauce

Salted kale chips (1 cup) - 15 calories
- preheat oven 350 degrees. Chop kale into small pieces. Rub with paper towels to remove any wetness. Space kale evenly on baking sheet. Bake until crisp. Sprinkle with salt

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Hacks: Low Calorie Holiday Recipes & Meals Under 150 calories

Having disordered eating is never fun around the holidays! The pressure to over eat is enormous- and this pressure truly applies to everyone. Here are some safe Holiday Hacks. I hope they help you ejoy your holiday season!

Holiday Breakfast

Festive Feast Meal
2 egg whites - 34 calories
2 turkey sausages- 40 calories
1 cup sliced strawberries- 35 calories 

Christmas Pancakes 

   3/4 cups cake flour- 110 calories
   1.5 tsp baking powder- 0 calories
   .5 tsp salt- 0 calories 
   1/2 cup nonfat milk- 43 calories
   2 egg whites - 34 calories

187 calories/ 7 servings = 26.7 calories per pancake

Pre heat a non stick on medium heat. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks begin to form (do not over beat). In another bowl, add milk to flour and salt. Mix until smooth. Then add baking powder (to flour, milkd and salt) mix mor. Fold in beaten egg whites. Pour mixture into a the heated nonstick pan and flip once. Wait until pancakes turn golden brown before eating. 

Pancake Toppings

Microwaved frozen blueberries
-1/4 cup - 20 calories
- when microwaved the blueberries break down and create an sweet amazing sauce
- sprinkle a bit of stevia or splenda to sweeten and thicken it

Total: 20 calories
Fresh Strawberries & Cool Whip 
- 1 cup fresh sliced strawberries- 35 calories
- 2 tbsp cool whip - 15 calories

Total: 50 calories
Sugar free Cinnamon Maple Syrup
- 1 tspn cinnamon
- 1/4 cup maple syrup - 30 calories

Total: 30 calories
Holiday Dinner

Goat Cheese and Apple Canapes

   1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese - 80 calories
   1 tablespoon honey - 64 calories
   1 large red apple, cored and cut into 24 thin slices - 65 calories
   24 watercress leaves - 0
   Sprinkle of pepper- 0

 In a small bowl, mix goat cheese and honey. Spread half of a teaspoon of the mixture onto each apple slice and place a watercress leaf on top. Sprinkle with pepper
total: 45 calories, recipes makes 6 servings

Healthy Veggie Baked

   2 cup raw green beans -61
   1 cup green squash - 20 calories
   1 cup cherry tomatoes - 27 calories
   1/4 cup chopped carrots- 13 calories
   1 tsp oil oil, spray - 33 calories
   3 springs rosemary - 0 calories
   1 tspn salt- 0 calories
   1 sprinkle of pepper -0 calories

Preheat oven at 350. Mix all veggies together. Coat with oil and spices. Bake on in a roasting pan for 20 minutes or until veggies are tender. 

Calories per serving: 40 (recipe makes 4 servings)

Very Low Calorie Cranberry Sauce

   1 cup cranberries- 40 calories
   .5 cup water- 0 calories
   1/8 cup Stevia - 0 calories
   1 tsp cinnamon- 0 calories
   1 sprinkle of clove- 0 calories

Mix all ingredient together in a small sauce pot and cook on medium-high. Let it boil. As the water boils, the cranberries will begin to pop and breakdown. Let the mix reduce until it is a sauce consistency. 

Serving size is 2 tbsp = 10 calories 

Holiday Desserts

Baked Pears

   2 pears cut in half (vertically) and cored - 160 calories
   2 tspn chopped pecans - 48 calories 
   1 tsp brown sugar -  15 calories
   1 tbspn sugar free maple syrup - 12 calories
   1/4 tsp cinnamon- 0 calories
   Sprinkle of salt- 0 calories 
   2 tsp raisins- 22 calories
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix: sugar, cinnamon, syrup, rasins and salt in a bowl. Then fill the halved pears with mixture. Sprinkle on the pecans. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until pears are soft. 

1 serving (half a pear) = 64 calories

Very Low Calorie Chocolate Pudding 

   1/4 cup dutch process cocoa - 47 calories
   1/3 cup Splenda granular (sugar substitute) - 0 calories
   2 tablespoons cornstarch- 60 calories
   1/8 teaspoon salt - 0 calories 
   2 cups nonfat milk - 160 calories 
   1 teaspoon vanilla extract - 0 calories


Mix dry ingredients together in a medium saucepan. Slowly add 1 cup milk and whisk until well blended. Heat up on stove, medium high. Then add the 2nd cup of milk. Stir until it comes to a boil. Boil for 1 minute, or until thickened. Keep stirring until it comes to a boil. Add in the vanilla extract. 

Divide into 4 portions and cool

Total 67 calories

Low Calorie Eggnog 

   1 1/2 cups skim milk
   1/2 cup fat-free half-and-half
   1/2 cup pasteurized egg substitute
   1 tsp vanilla
   1 packet artificial sweetener
   1.5 oz brandy or rum

Combine all ingredients mix well, chill and serve. 
Per serving (virgin style): 64 calories 
Calories with alcohol: 124 calories
recipe makes 4 servings. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pineapple Ham/Chicken Dinner- 130 calorie

Disordered eating often leads to highly restricted "safe" eats. Which can become a bit depressing and anxiety provoking. One of the "safe" meats I like to eat is ham. It definitely took some time to add this to my repertoire, but it did happen- and I love it! However if you find ham to be unsafe (trust me I understand the fear) you can substitute boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Pineapple Ham 

2 oz Ham Steak, extra lean- 64 calories
(If substituting chicken: 2 oz Chicken Breast, boneless skinless- 85 calories) 
1/4 cup Pineapple, finely diced, unsweetened- 20 calories
1 tsp Honey- 18 calories 
1 sprinkle clove
1-3 sprinkle cinnamon
1/2 cup steamed broccoli with salt- 23 calories

Steam the broccoli: I usually microwave fresh diced broccoli, in a bowl with a bit of water at the bottom and a wet paper towel on top for 3 minutes. 

Dice the ham and the pineapple. Mix together with the rest of the ingredient and add to a skillet (if you can try to add any extra pineapple juice from the container that usually adds a lot of flavor). Heat on medium for 10-15 minutes or until ham is hot and enjoy! 

Total calories with ham: 130
Total calories with chicken: 154

Extra flavor:
I will usually dip this in sugar free maple syrup (10-15 calories tbsp).

For the brave, if you want you can sub potatoes for broccoli, and steam the potatoes in water (in a skillet) and add salt to taste. The calories end up being the same. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sweet Treats! Low calorie - 150 calories or less

Like most, I can not resist a sweet treat from time to time. These recipes have helped me get through tough times- when I did not think I could "allow" myself a "real treat."

Chocolate Milk Shake

   2Tbsp Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup- 15 calories

   1 cup Silk Almond Milk, light unsweetened- 30 calories
   5-6 ice cubes (more or less depending on what you like). 

Total 45 calories! 

Not too shabby! Depending on where you are in your recovery and personal preference you can use nonfat milk (1 cup- 90 calories). 
Baked Pears
   1 pear sliced (90 calories)
   1 tspn sugar free maple syrup (10 calories
   1 tspn cinnamon
   1 light shake/sprinkle of clove, and nutmeg 
   1 tspn water

Mix the ingredients together. You can bake it on a baking sheet at 350. If you want quick and easy 1 single serving just microwave in a bowl (30-60 seconds) until the pear slices soften. 

Total 100 calories

I love this on a cold day. It is a great dish to make and bring to holiday dinners. People usually enjoy having a lighter option! 
Chai Guy
   1 bag black tea
   3/4 cup hot water
   1/4 cup Silk Almond Milk, light unsweetened- 8-10 calories
   1 packet of splenda (o calories)
   1/4 tsp Cinnamon 
   Sprinkle of clove and nutmeg

Boil the water, steep the tea. 
Steam the milk (if possible) if not add it to the tea
Add the rest of the ingredient and SHAKE- (stirring is OK but shaking is much better). 

Total  15 calories! 

Its great on a cold day when I want a decadent foamy drink. 
Carrot-Pumpkin Puff
   3/4 cups of shredded carrots (35 calories)
   1-2 tsp water 
   1/2 tsp cinnamon 
   1 egg white (17 calories)
   2 tsp pumpkin (4-8 calories)
   1 tsp powdered sugar (10 calories)
Preheat oven 320. Blend all the ingredient together. Then spoon the mixture into 2 cupcake tins (I line them with a cupcake liner) and bake for 20-30 minutes (until firm). 

Only 67 calories for both!

Peanut Butter Dream Rice Cake

    1 plain rice cake- (30 calories)
   1 tsp low fat peanut butter (30 calories)
   1 tsp choclate chips (23 calories)
* optional * sprinkle of 1 tbspn coconut flakes (unsweetened 37 calories)

Microwave the peanut butter for 10-20 seconds. It will become nice and runny. Then microwave the chocolate chips, stir until blended. Spread both on the rice cake. Sprinkle on coconut if desired. 

Total calories: 83 or 120 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whipped Yogurt Smoothie

1 yoplait light yogurt- any fruit flavor (90 calories) 
1/2 cup strawberries, halved for better blending- (26 calories)
1/4 packet of splenda
5-8 ice cubes 
Add water to taste

I like to put the yogurt in to the belnder first, with a Tbspn of water and then blend it all together, on high until very very smooth. I like to 

Total: 116 calories


So it has been a while since I have posted. Life has taken over. I have been getting more involved in activities to help keep my mind from rambling into the Ana abyss. I also have many, many more exciting recipes, restaurant choices and thoughts to share! 

Truth be told- I lost my password to my account! (oops!) I actually had a dream about this blog last night. In the dream I logged in and knew the password. Today I tried the password I used in my dream and poof it worked! :-) glad to be back! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family, Friends and The Others- FAQs

I have found being open and honest with everyone is the easiest way to get past the awkward excuses and loneliness. If you have disordered eating habits it is bound to be noticed eventually. The more you try to hide it the worse it is for you and your family. When someone asks about your eating habbits just be honest. They are most likely concerned and when you lie you push them away. 

It takes a lot of courage to come out and admit it. Many times the reactions or responses you get will shock you. 9 out of 10 times people completely understand, or already had a hankering that something akin to it was going on. It is pure relief to admit and accept it and be accepted by others regaurdless. 

((And I know you- my little Ana's who worry that admitting to having disorded eating means that you must give it up. It doesn't. You are claiming it, you are owning it and taking control over it. You wont let  Ana RUN you, you can CONTROL Ana. And if you can control Ana, well then you have control and life may just get a little easier- a little happier <3 ))


I am sharing the questions and my responses for all those who are curious. Maybe it can help a fellow ana or a concerned loved one understand the mindset behind disordered eating. 

FAQs from Family, Friends and the Others-

Why would you want to do that to yourself?

My inner response is always- Well you dye your hair when you want to change yourself, how come I can't change my eating habbits to change myself? Hair dye is just as hazardous and addicting....

then rationality takes over & I reply

I just do. We probably don't see this the same way. Disordered eating is a habbit/addiction. After you loose a little, you want to loose more. Like a drug, its hard to kick. All I see is pretty and thinness.... not starving, malnutrition or that I am harming myself. I am well aware this is an unhealthy habbit/addiction and that I am hurting myself but I try every day to do my best. 

(Many people understand addiction more than "eating disorders" and explaining that it is like an addiction often helps people understand that I just can't eat "normal").

Why would you want to loose weight? You are not fat!!!

Again my inner thoughts ramble on- YES yes YES I am! Then I really want to convince this person that I could easily loose more weight and then graphically show them the areas in which I think I could.

But I respond instead-

I don't and haven't felt comfortable with how I look. It doesnt matter how others percieve me, I see flaws. I feel flawed. And I am always thinking.... well I can change it. If I could just get rid of this flab here, and this little bump here that then I will be happy with myself. It isn't just my weight, it is many things. Everyone has insecurities I guess.

Don't you see that you are hurting everyone who loves you by hurting yourself?

Inner thoughts- **gulp** 

This question always makes me emotional but I reply as honestly as I can.

- Yes I can see that now but I didn't see it that way at first. I don't want to hurt myself. I don't want to hurt anyone.

(the typical response to my response)

So why dont you just eat? Why can't you eat for the sake of everyone who loves you? Are you that selfish?

I always answer back with a question- Do you think about every bad thing you do to yourself is hurting someone else? Over eating when you are over weight, texting and driving, smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, high risk activities? Everytime I eat or don't eat I am overwhelmed with SO many other thoughts that everyone elses feelings fall to the waste side. Yes ocassionaly I will eat to make someone else happy, but that doesn't help me at all. I need to eat to make myself happy not everyone else. It is not being selfish it is me working on myself. I can not work on myself if I have to focus on everyone elses thoughts and feelings. I already feel very shameful and guilty with out adding everyone elses emotions to it. To be honest, thinking about my parents worring about me keeps me up at night. It makes my skin crawl. It makes me hate myself more....  

*HATE that question... 

When do you think you will get better?

I dont know. I would like to say I will get better, but some days this creeps back up with out me even noticing it. I can go all day eat 3 meals and plenty of snacks and still be under the required calories for the day. There are other days where I just don't eat unintentionally. I try every day. Sometimes I just forget. It isn't always a conscious thing. Other days it hits like the plague and I am aware that I am restricting calories and being unhealthy and I just can't seem to stop myself. I try. Thats all I can do. I try. 

What caused it? When did it start?

Inside my thoughts race for an answer. I want to say always. Always. I have always felt not good enough. I have always felt imperfect. 

But I know this isnt the true answer or the answer they are looking for so I say

- I don't know. I never decided to have disordered eating habbits, I developed them when I tried to loose weight to be healthier and to be more comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to wear certain clothes, feel comortable in a bathing suit and fit in. I never thought I would create a mental illness for myself. I watched what I ate early in high school. I would say that the unhealthy eating habbits developed later in high school and worsened in college. When I graduated I had nothing else to focus on and that is when I hit an ultimate low. I know that I used it as a daily distraction. All day I let it consume my thoughts because it was easier to worry about calories than about dating, friends and school work. Counting calories, planning meals, researching weightloss, vitamins, excerising, weighing myself, weighing my food..... was all a distraction. It kept my mind focused and off of everything I didn't want to think about. When I graduated and had nothing else to think about it became my life. 

How could you go so long with out eating enough? Didn't it hurt?

Inner thoughts say, it was easy. I could do it every day! 

Back to reality---

The effects slip in slowly. I ate enough that I wouldn't feel hunger but I wouldn't eat enough calories. I never felt physical pain yet my body did suffer. I lost hair, my horomones went completely out of whack, I had insomnia follwed by hypersomnia, I had more moods swings than a toddler, I would feel dizzy, light headed.... the list goes on. I waived it all off. It did not happen over night and I became used to it.

Are any of your friends Anorexic?

Inner thoughts... LOL!! yes all my friends are anorexic. Am I incapable of having other friends? lol!


NO! I have many friends and only one has had an eating disorder. My one and only friend that has had an disordered eatting didn't tell me about it until I told her about mine. I think it is a common misperception that groups of friends become anorexic together. I did this all on my own! No one pulled me into this hole, I dug it myself. 

This was just what I could think of at this moment. If you have a question that you would like answered publicly or privately feel free to email anorexicblogger@ gmail.com

As always I will update!